Do with an API

Nowadays, a web application is not feature complete unless some sort of REST-y/ Web-ish/ JSON-able API is provided.
Welcome to the API economy :-)

Want to use it?

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… why don't you request an API key?

The process is straightforward, it is as inexpensive as being free and you are not going to be spammed or your data sold to any 3rd party.

Request an API key


NMoneys comes with a simple to use, yet functional web api.


  • Getting information about supported currencies.
  • Formatting numeric quantities.

Developer Friendly

NMoneys comes with an API crafted by developers for developers.

Built for Performance

Blazing fast access that takes advantage of HTTP's cache.

Built for Concurrency

Using standard call throttling techniques, API performance is ensured.


NMoneys API keys are free to request and their usage won't break the bank at 0¤ a month.


NMoneys API does explain itself: its usage can be instrospected by using it.


NMoneys API is fully documented with up-to-date, sensible, executable documentation.


Still unsure?
Would diving into documentation help you to request a key?

API Portal

A portal that contains everything about the API, including an intereractive console.

Explore it!


Good-looking, interactive documentation is hosted in Apiary.

Check it out!

Local Metadata

Good-looking enough and definitely less interactive but equally useful is provided by ServiceStack.